Friday, December 05, 2014

19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies: Ge'ez Versions of the Bible


Those who have an interest in or are conducting research on the  Classical Ethiopic (Ge’ez) versions of the Bible, early Jewish  literature or early Christian literature are herewith advised of an academic conference that will take place next year:

As part of the 19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, to be held from 24-28 August, 2015, at the University of Warsaw, Poland.
Panels are being organized on ‘Critical Editions of Biblical Books’  (by Maija Priess, Hamburg), ‘Early Christian Literature Preserved in Classical Ethiopic (Ge’ez)’ (by Timothy B. Sailors, Tübingen) and ‘Literary Genres and Text Carriers in Ethiopian Manuscript Culture’ (by Alessandro Bausi, Antonella Brita and Denis Nosnitsin, Hamburg).

Descriptions of these panels can be found on the conference website, under the section ‘Classical Ethiopic’. There are also sections on Literature, Linguistics and History that may be of interest. See

The call for papers has been extended and is open until 15 December 2014. Paper proposals must be submitted via the official conference website:

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