Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heide Lectures on Textual Criticism in Salzburg

Co-blogger priv.-doz. dr. Martin Heide will give three lectures at Salzburg University on 14 November 2009.

The general theme is:

"Die Bibel im Spannungsfeld zwischen Forschung, Medienrummel und Fälschungsverdächtigungen"

In the first lecture Heide will discuss falsifications and authentic archaeological finds from Old Testament times (9.30AM)

The second lecture is on the general trustworthiness of the New Testament textual transmission (11.30AM)

The third lecture will treat the so-called "Jesus tomb," the entombment and the resurrection of Christ.

More details here.

Since May 2008 Martin Heide is research fellow of the DFG-Projekt "Testament Abrahams" at Phillips-Universität Marburg – Centrum für Nah- und Mittelost-Studien – Fachgebiet Semistik. He is working on a critical edition and translation of the Arabic and Ethiopic versions of the Testament of Abraham. We very much look forward to this edition.

In December 2008 Martin completed his second thesis and had his habilitation in Semistik, received the venia legendi and became Privatdozent (roughly equivalent to Associate Professor).


  1. Martin, maybe you could tell us more about your second thesis, and your current work?

  2. Will the lectures be made available in text or audio on the Internet?