Wednesday, November 11, 2020

More on the Legacy Standard Bible


My thanks to William Varner for alerting me to the new website for the Legacy Standard Bible (descendant of the NASB). You can sign up for a sample of Mark and watch a 37-minute video.


  1. Interesting that the sample of Mark they just sent me contains the Shorter Ending of Mark (in brackets and italics) after the Longer ending (16.9–20). Jeff Riddle will not be happy!

    1. Maybe a black mark on me, but that last sentence makes me happy.

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  3. I wonder what your thoughts are on the statement: "it [the translation] also seeks to ensure that the same words and phrases correspond to each other within the translation as much as possible." (Source

    This ties to what in the video they talk about when mentioning the example for 'it is finished' and the 'the words are fulfilled [LSB: finished]'

    I am about to read the release of Mark to check how they pull this off.