Friday, November 20, 2020

Congratulations to Peter Head, CBE


I would like to congratulate our longtime blog editor, Dr. Peter Head, on his recent appointment to the order of Commander of the British Empire (CBE). This is also a good time to recognize his International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering. Congratulations, Peter! You don’t look a day over 73.

H/T: Google Search

Correction: The original title of this post incorrectly identified Peter Head’s appointment in the Order of the British Empire. He is, in fact, in the class of CBE not OBE. We apologize for the mistake.


  1. I have always been warned about people who lead two lives.

  2. You're forgetting about his third life as an Olympic speedwalker!

  3. Hilarious. Right up there with my Olympic career (as Ryan reminded us).

  4. A rather fortunate coincidence... there are far worse things to be on Wikipedia...

  5. Looking pretty good for 73. What's your secret?