Friday, November 09, 2018

The Quiet Renaissance in Textual Criticism

In the latest Didaktikos journal, I have a very brief article attempting to introduce fellow teachers of New Testament to some of the things happening in our discipline. To regular ETC readers, the article will probably be old news, but maybe some will be curious as to what I chose to focus on. In the same issue there is an essay by another Peter (Malik) on the value of studying manuscripts as material objects. That article is titled “Biblical Manuscripts: From a Text-Carrier to a Book Project.”
If you’ve not heard of Didaktikos, that’s because it’s a very new journal, put out by the makers of Logos Bible software. It’s devoted to theological education and the articles are all short and to the point—something I very much appreciate now as a busy teacher myself. Best of all, they send the journal out free to theological educators and they encourage contributors to share them for free as well.

Here’s the link: “A Quiet Renaissance in Textual Criticism,” Didaktikos: Journal of Theological Education 2.3 (2018): 40–42.

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