Tuesday, November 13, 2018

2018 SBL Denver Blog Dinner

The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: the 2018 ETC blog dinner is on! Christian Askeland has faithfully served as our blog maitre d’ for many years now, but this year he was overworked (Mike Holmes, if you’re reading this, give the guy a break!). Since I seem to have too much time for blogging, the responsibilities fell to me.

Hard Rock Cafe, Denver
The dinner will be Monday, November 19 at 7:30pm at the Denver Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve reserved 50 spots in the main dining room where we will order from the group menu. Since the restaurant won’t split tickets, I’m asking people to pay ahead like last year to expedite things. Tickets are $31 per plate. This includes entree, salad, cookie, and soft drink as well as tax, gratuity, and fees. Alcohol will be on your own. I’ve listed the menu options below.

Order Tickets
As a special treat this year, our other blog editor, Tommy Wasserman, will be delivering the annual speech in Pete Head’s stead. As always, everyone is invited. You don’t need to be an evangelical, a text critic, or a good-humored Swede.

Menu options


  1. I'm sorry to have to miss Tommy's informative, hilarious, and edifying talk this year.

  2. Yes, you should be, but I could send you a tinfoil hat.

  3. how many folk have signed up so far?

  4. Hi! I’m new here, a graduate student between degrees right now, and will be attending SBL for the first time this year. I’m interested in textual criticism, would I be able to attend the dinner as well?

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