Wednesday, October 05, 2016

SBL 2016 San Antonio ETC Blog Dinner


That's right folks.  It's that time again.  Peter Williams has begun writing his speech.  We have a reservation at the Hard Rock.  The biggest event of the text-critical year approaches -- the ETC Blog dinner at SBL.  Everyone's invited (not just evangelicals, not just textual critics), everyone's excited.

Hard Rock Café, San Antonio
7:15pm, Sunday 20 November

Although we will not have our own room, we will have our own section and a special price on meals.  For $22, the meal includes a drink, a main course, a dessert, tax and tip.   Here's the clincher... You have to pay in advance this year by clicking on the link below.  The deadline for online payment is 13 November.  If you are scared of online payments or simply just a procrastinator, then you can simply show up, but you are not guaranteed immediate seating and you probably will not get the group deal.

Reserve your place, get the reduced price:


  1. καλως·οψομαι υμας εκει.

  2. Is Peter Head not going to SBL this year? I understand from this blog that he usually gives the annual speech at these dinners.


  3. Replies
    1. Will he be presenting any papers?


  4. You mean how many papers will he present?

  5. only one this year, something papyrological about greetings I think.

  6. We greet you welcome to San Antonio. You can think further on your topic on the long flight over the pond.

  7. The first step is usually to recover the title and abstract which one submitted many months ago. Obviously the second step is making enough stuff up between the movies.