Monday, September 05, 2016

3 new articles in BABELAO 5 (2016)

Three new articles appear in the open access journal BABELAO (Bulletin de l’Académie Belge pour l’Etude des Langues Anciennes et Orientales):

Toan Do, 'Εἰδῆτε, ἴδητε, οἴδατε, and Scribal Activities in 1 John 2:29a' (p. 77-104)

J.-L. Simonet, 'Le livre des Actes dans la Bible éthiopienne. A propos d'un livre récent' (p. 117-125) 

M.T. Ortega-Monasterio, 'Sephardic Hebrew Bibles of the Kennicott Collection' (p. 127-168)


  1. Interesting that Toan Do believes we can go back to Ignatius of 107 AD. The Ignatian epistles were 3rd-century pseudopigrapha, as Killen demonstrated in the 19th century. Or, as Origen believed, they had been written by Ignatius himself on a long and leisurely trip to be executed in Rome. I prefer to go with Killen.

  2. The AD 107 quote is from Petersen, as per note 2, not from Do.

    It might also be suggested (to paraphrase Do) that perhaps Ignatius criticism similarly has advanced since Killen's 19th century time.

  3. Thanks for the clarification (although Do does appear to quote Petersen with approval). Where could I read a modern critique of Killen, or a similarly sized compilation of evidence that tends to overturn the theory that the epistles of Ignatius were composed in the 3rd century?

    1. For a a brief and reasonably current summary of the Status Quaestionis, see Erhman's 2003 Apostolic Fathers (Loeb Classical Library 24) 1:209-213 and also Michael Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers (Baker, 1999), 131-132.