Monday, April 27, 2015

Papyrus 28 Sold to Private Collector Gifford Combs


Papyrus 28 (= P.Oxy. 1596) containing John 6:8-12, 17-22 formerly Berkeley, Pacific School of Religion, Palestine Institute Museum, Pap. has been sold to the private collector Gifford Combs, Los Angeles. Thus, it can be identified as "Collection of Gifford Combs, Los Angeles." (HT: Hugh Houghton)

The first editors, Grenfell and Hunt, dated the papyrus to 300-375 CE. Nestle-Aland gives the date 200-300 CE, whereas Orsini and Claryssee date it to 250-350 CE.

Editio princeps: B. P. Grenfell & A. S. Hunt, Oxyrynchus Papyri XIII, (London 1919), pp. 8-10.

IGNTP transcription is available here.

Wiki here.

More about Gifford Combs here and here.


  1. Many thanks to Mr Combs for being in touch to advise of the new details of ownership. He states that it should now be identified as "Collection of Gifford Combs, Los Angeles".

  2. Mr Combs has a post-graduate degree from the University of Cambridge.

  3. Thanks for noting this Tommy, Hugh, and Peter. It's really unfortunate where the left side of the recto breaks off. 01* has the unusual singular reading τρισχιλιοι in John 6:10, which is in the "western" part of the block mixture in 01. P28 isn't extant for the first half of the word to see if it had 3000 or 5000... but this fragment is in California, so it too is western... :-)

  4. Do we have any other details about the sale? Price? Will it be moved to a different location? Why the sale in the first place?

  5. Gifford Combs has an impressive record of philanthropy regarding biblical and medieval manuscripts and papyri.