Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Breaking News: CSNTM to Digitize MSS at the National Library of Greece!

Today the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) publically announced the breaking news that they are to digitize all the NT MSS of the National Library of Greece in Athens. Manuscript lovers world wide can be happy that more MSS are becoming available in digital format for study. The fact that this major project has been agreed upon by one of the largest repositories of Greek MSS in the world, the National Library of Greece, is a great acknowledgement of the CSNTM as a professional organization for manuscript photography and digitization. In addition, this undertaking may open up many more doors in the future. We owe our gratitude to Dan Wallace and his staff and we look forward to seeing the results. I am proud of being a member of the board of the CSNTM.

Extra: Watch Dan Wallace breaking the news.

Here is a part of the press release from CSNTM.
Press Release
12 January 2014
On January 7, the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts’ Executive Director, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, and Research Manager, Robert D. Marcello, traveled to Athens to meet with the Director of the National Library, Filippos Tsimboglou. After meeting with the Director last September to begin discussions of a collaboration, they worked out final negotiations and signed a contract for CSNTM to digitize all the New Testament manuscripts of the National Library. This is a historic collaboration between one of the five largest repositories of Greek New Testament manuscripts and the world’s leading institute in digitizing Greek New Testament manuscripts. Approximately 300 manuscripts with 150,000+ pages of text will be digitized over the next two years. CSNTM is excited to be working with Dr. Tsimboglou and his staff on this strategic undertaking.
Read the whole press release here.

Up-date report (Feb 20) here


  1. Congratulations to the CSNTM and to the Greek National Library. This is wonderful news!

  2. Nothing has been said about these digitized images actually being made available to the public.

  3. White Man: Wrong. The CSNTM web-site included this statement: " When the project is completed, all the images will be posted at www.csntm.org and will be accessible to everyone free of charge."

  4. I wonder if new discoveries will be made as they work through this project?

  5. Darrell, you can be practically certain that there will be "new discoveries" of some kind when you go through hundreds of codices in this systematic way.