Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More on the Green Scholars Initiative and "Logos at Baylor University"

In this interview with Jerry Pattengale in Indiana Wesleyan University (2012-08-02) there is further information about the forthcoming Brill series. Apparently, the first volume will not contain the NT MSS:
Comprising of one to two new volumes per year, the new series will publish approximately 20 papyri with a thorough description, commentary with images, and web-based support for further resources.

The first forthcoming volume in the series, planned to be released in early 2013, is dedicated to an early 3c BCE papyrus containing an extensive, undocumented work by Aristotle on reason, and is currently being analyzed by a research group at Oxford University.
Further, Steve Green has taken the initiative to organize and fund "Logos at Baylor University" which is a summer institute hosted by Baylor University for students interested in textual scholarship and Christian apologetics. The first ever Logos institute was organized in June when 31 international students were chosen to attend the institute doing hands-on research with scholars-mentors who are connected to the Green Scholars Initiative. 

The Baptist Standard reports (2012-07-10) from the same summer institute citing Jeff Fish (editor of the new Brill series) who said:
Scholars also mentored students editing some of the earliest fragments of the New Testament, with some dating to the second century, Fish said. Other discoveries are fragments of copies of some of St. Augustine's commentaries on John's Gospel and the Psalms, . . .

More here.

So editing is being done on these MSS. In fact, co-blogger Michael Holmes is also involved as mentor in the Green Scholars Initiative working on one of these fragments together with students, as mentioned in the Faculty Accomplishments of Bethel University for Spring last year.

– Yes, I am jealous!


  1. reposted from thread below...

    So there are a few questions then...

    1) Where is the Mark fragment?
    2) Who owns it?
    3) Who is working on it?
    4) Who is going to publish it?
    5) Whatever happened to Dr. Carroll?

  2. I participated at the LOGOS summer institute and it was a great time indeed. Besides getting to know the Green family and great scholars like Dr. Jeffrey Fish (and, finally, meeting Dr. Mike Holmes in person!), it was a fantastic opportunity to meet other students interested in our field. It was very refreshing.

  3. Great Peter!

    And did you get a chance to see all the NT fragments, and perhaps work with one of them?

  4. I got to work with a letter from Oxyrhynchus, but only via a dig. image. We didn't work with the Green Papyri.