Friday, January 08, 2010

Bodmer 25 (Greg.-Aland 556) On-line

The tetraevangelion Bodmer 25=Greg.-Aland 556 has now been digitized and is available at E-codices (Virtual manuscript library of Switzerland) here (via Jac Perrin who suggested to the people in charge that the MS be digitized.)

There are many, many more digitized MSS out there – we have mentioned many on this blog. A few examples that I have looked at recently: the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich has put some Greek MSS on-line, including Gr. 472 (fols. 1-2, 372-373 = Greg.-Aland L1570) here.

Two other MSS that have been on-line for many years are Magdalen College, Oxford MS. Gr. 7 = Greg.-Aland 1907 and Gr. 9 = Greg.-Aland 57.

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  1. The Goodspeed library in Chicago has posted about half of their GNT (including 2 uncial fragments), as well as almost all of their versions (Latin, Syrica, Armenian, Arabic, and Ethiopian) here:

    I think the website has been pointed out before on this blog (particularly in noting Archaic Mark), but it's probably rising to the level of a reasonable resourse on the sidebar.