Monday, December 14, 2009

ETC Annual Achievement Awards 2009: Nominations

As the end of the year approaches we invite our readers to engage in a bout of critical reflection on the major text critical achievements of 2009. We invite nominations for awards in the following categories:

1. Best contribution to biblical textual criticism.

2. Best discussion of an individual manuscript.

3. Worst treatment of textual criticism in a biblical commentary.

4. Best evangelical contribution to biblical textual criticism.

5. Most arcane detail published in any text critical discussion.

6. Funniest item connected to textual criticism of the Bible.

7. Evangelical Textual Criticism Hall of Fame / Life-time achievement Award.

Nominations can be submitted (over the next 16 days) as comments or by email.


  1. For #1 "Best contribution to biblical textual criticism," I would like to nominate President Barack Obama. While the first-year president has not yet made any contribution to date in the field of textual criticism, I believe that he shows such tremendous promise that we should give him the award in anticipation of future achievements.

  2. don't do that! He'd probably celebrate by having nasa bomb muenster, followed by the deployment of 30,000 troops into Birmingham!

  3. Actually, the American President has made substantial contributions to the area of electronic textual criticism, which has been alluded to earlier as a cutting-edge concern in the future direction of our field.

    Because he relies exclusively on teleprompters to supply the text of his speeches (although there are rumours that he does speak extemporaneously within the confines of the official Residence), the recorded corpus of his speeches, when compared to the electronic archives in the software that drives his teleprompters, could provide a fertile field for investigation into how errors of the eye can effect errors of the ear. Especially interesting in this regard are transpositions, faux pas, and freudian slips.

  4. Thanks Christian for such a distracting first comment! Now back to the topic:

  5. I am impressed by Klaus Wachtel's work on the Byzantine text, although I am not intimately acquainted with the Byzantine tradition. I think that he would be competitor for (1) "Best contribution to biblical textual criticism." I think that (2)"Best discussion of a mss" should go to the British Library and its collaborators (Brimingham, Leipzig, St. Petersburg, St. Catherine's) for the Sinaiticus conference and website.