Friday, July 18, 2008

SBL in Boston, TC Sessions

The program book for the Annual SBL meeting in Boston has been released (and is available online at the SBL site). For NT TC topics the following sessions stand out:
1. SBL 22-23, Sat. 9-11:30, NT TC Section, Theme: NT Manuscripts (Peter Head and Michael Theophilos are presenting here)
2. SBL 22-69, Sat. 1-3:30, Papyrology and Early Christianity Backgrounds Group (Peter Head is making a presentation here also)
3. SBL 22-80, Sat. 1-2:30, Virtual Codex Sinaiticus: Studying and Experiencing an Ancient Codex
4. SBL 22-124, Sat. 4-6:30, NT TC Section, Theme: Versions and Fathers
5. IGNTP 23-25, Sun. 9-11:30, IGNTP, Theme: New Research on the Text of John's Gospel
6. SBL 23-135, Sun. 4-6:30, Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds Group (Michael Theophilos is presenting here)
7. SBL 24-32, Mon. 9-11:30, NT TC Section, Review of David Parker, An Introduction to the NT MSS and Their Texts
8. SBL 24-129, Mon. 4-6:30, NT TC Section, Review of James Royse, Scribal Habits in Early Greek NT Papyri

I'm sure others can add to the following list, but a few of the other sessions that might be of interest to our field are:
1. SBL 23-38, Sun. 9-11:30, Joint Session, Social History and Formative Christianity and Judaism Section/Qumran Section, Theme: The Life and Afterlife of Scribes and Their Works
2. There are several OT TC sessions


  1. It also should be noted that this year's Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting (in Providence, RI, immediately preceding SBL Boston) will be devoted to the theme "Canon and Text", covering both OT and NT.

    There should be a number of interesting papers presented there as well.

  2. Yes, good point. Here's some further info from the ETS site:

    The four plenary sessions planned are as follows:

    “Old Testament Text” – Peter J. Gentry
    “Old Testament Canon” – Stephen G. Dempster
    “New Testament Text” – Daniel B. Wallace
    “New Testament Canon” – Charles E. Hill

    I'm definitely looking forward to the NT sessions.

  3. In session 22-124 I am presenting a paper together with Jennifer Knust, on what Jesus wrote on the ground (the PA).

    Also Christian Askeland is presenting a paper from the Coptic angle in that session.

  4. You might be interested that Chris Keith (Edinburgh) has written a dissertation on the writing motif in the PA. He argues that it is not the question WHAT he wrote, but THAT he wrote.
    "Jesus Began to Write:
    Literacy, the Pericope Adulterae, and the Gospel of John"

  5. Thanks Wieland, I am aware of his thesis. Our focus will be on the reception of the text (and this particular "gap" in the text).


  6. Also:
    SBL 22-119 includes
    David G. Horrell, 'The Themes of 1 Peter: Insights from the Earliest Manuscripts'