Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two new manuscripts from Oxyrhynchus

In one of the afternoons of the Oxford Conference on the Synoptic Problem we had a trip to the Papyrology Rooms at the Sackler Library. We had a helpful introduction to the collection from the curator, Dr Daniela Colomo, and then we passed around some manuscripts (including portions of the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Peter [well, maybe], the LXX and the NT), including one of the two NT manuscripts published in vol 72 of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri. This has only just been published, and the images are not yet on-line, but the basic details are as follows:

P. Oxy 4844 = P123, IVth Cent, 1 Cor 14.31-34; 15.3-6; images here.

P. Oxy 4845 = P124, VIth Cent, 2 Cor 11.1-4, 6-9; images here.

Up-date: These are now listed on the up-date site at Munster (here), so I have been able to add their identification in the NT papyri list.
Up-date II: I have added links to the images and some more details from the publication in Oxy Pap 72.


  1. Thank you for the mss update. Perhaps an abstract of your paper, too?

  2. Randall,
    you can go here: and find pretty much all the papers, at least in draft form. My paper still needs some work!
    By the way, thanks for the EUTHUS post, I wasn't paying attention at the time.

  3. Peter, do you have any info to give of any significant variants in these two new papyri?

  4. No, I didn't have time to check anything. But vol. 72 is in print - they had a copy hot off the press in the Papyrology rooms, so I guess it won't be too long before they go on-line and copies of vol. 72 circulate to subscribers.

  5. ok, thx, Peter.

    btw. I took a look at the previously published P120 for John and I note the following variant readings based on the online images.

    Jn 1.25 ο προφητης with most mss.
    Jn 1.26 omit λεγων with P75 fam1 124
    Jn 1.27 οιδατε ο οπισω with P66,P75,01,04,020,044 pc
    Jn 1.27 αξιος with all but D
    Jn 1.37 οι αυτου [δυο μαθητης] (SINGULAR)
    Jn 1.44 βηθσαιδα with most mss.