Wednesday, February 27, 2008

INTF Colloquium, 3-6 August 2008

[I've received this notice from Klaus Wachtel:]

This summer, 3-6 August, the INTF in Münster will host a colloquium on contemporary research on the textual history of the Greek New Testament. In addition to about 30 invited guests, a further 30 persons may attend. Participation is free, and INTF staff will help to find convenient accommodation.

The programme of the colloquium can be found here:


  1. I know this post isn't the appropriate place for this comment. But I just received my Spring 2008 catalog from Baker Academic, and it quotes Randall Buth from for his review on this website of Michael Holmes' latest edition of the Apostolic Fathers.

  2. Dear bloggers,

    I love this blog but I find it so hard to read because of the white text on the maroon background. I am at the point of copying and pasting entire discussions into Word just so I can read it.

    Please, is it possible to change the colours?

  3. Until there is a change (if there should be one), I noticed that if you click and highlight a text, the background turns white and the lettering a dark blue.

    This might be a helpful, temporary solution.

  4. I am currently in Muenster, working at the INTF and I am very anxious to attend the Colloquium. Big names are coming and as a fledgling scholar I am quite interesting to see and listen to them.
    Perhaps an post with the conclusions of the colloquium would be very appropriate.