Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Apple Features the Dead Sea Scrolls Project (via Targuman)

Apple Education features Emanuel Tov and the Dead Sea Scrolls Project, with a focus on the major role played by computer technology, specifically the use of Macs:

"'The Mac played an absolutely critical role in our 16 years of work', confirms Professor Emanuel Tov, Editor-in-Chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project, based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 'Most important for us was the Mac’s versatility in using different fonts, as we were working in Greek, Hebrew-Aramaic, ancient Hebrew, Syriac and English. We also found the Macs so easy to use, and they literally never crash'."

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  1. Not to mention the best part of the article (at least in my slightly biased opinion!):

    Once the Mac platform had been selected, and editorial guidelines prepared, Professor Tov’s team selected Accordance — an advanced biblical studies software tool developed specifically for the Mac—as its main reference tool.

    See our post here.

  2. Part of my Th.M. thesis was a pain in my neck. Because the topic was about textual criticism I needed to use Greek, English, Latin, and some other laguages, my PC did not handle it very well. Since I have sifted to Mac and it is far better with multi-lingual support. Even Bibleworks works better on the Windows emulator I use in my Mac Book Pro. Perhaps I should purchase Accordance as well.