Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tregelles Quote Quiz 2

Who said this about Tregelles?

'As the editor lacks critical sagacity; his text has a wooden character; and an absence of tact and skill, an antiquarian stiffness, unfits it for becoming the text of the accomplished scholar or the source of a popular version.'

And why?


Christian Askeland said...

"unfits it"

This phrase makes me think that the writer is a contemporary to Tregelles or not long after. Even apart from that I would guess that he is a British scholar. Whoever it is is not being very kind, and does not seem to have anything nice to say.

... Burgon (wild guess).

Anonymous said...

I think it is anonymous :) Rats! And I do like Tregelles.

Peter M. Head said...

Christian is on the money:
British, contemporary, hostile.

Peter M. Head said...

But not Burgon

Eric Rowe said...

The speaker seems to be judging Tregelles's NT on grounds other than accuracy. This would not fit with any of the usual suspects of late 19th/early 20th century NT & TC scholarship on any side of the revision debate (Lightfoot, Westcott, Hort, Burgon, Scrivener, Hoskier).
And since you say he's contemporary with Tregelles, I would take that to mean he's slightly earlier than most of those anyway.
My guess is that he's a church leader, and the quote pertains to what was then merely a proposal of a revised version of the Bible in English.
I'm guessing Philip Schaff.

Peter M. Head said...

He is not P. Schaff. He was a church leader, but was removed from his teaching position in the church because of his historical-critical leanings. Tregelles was involved in the proceedings, and this man did not forget that.

P J Williams said...

Sam Davidson.

Peter M. Head said...

Yes. Well done Pete.

Davidson wrote some scathing reviews of Tregelles' books and opposed the idea that Tregelles should be given an honorary degree from Oxford.

Peter M. Head said...

Perhaps that was no great loss to Tregelles!