Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Semantics of Ancient Hebrew

I was very pleased to see recently that some articles I worked on back in 1997-98 have now been published on the Faculty of Divinity website in Cambridge. These are part of the Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database (there's actually no database, but that's what it was called!) Other articles are hosted on the Edinburgh site. Many of the entries engage in text-critical questions for the lexemes under discussion. I have a series of articles on words for weapons in Hebrew (sorry I can't dot the shin):

מַסָּע II

I believe that James Aitken is the person to be thanked for efforts to make these articles available.


Randall Buth said...

On shin and dots--

if you're using XP, you've already activated R2L in regional languages and found the pointing input (caps lock +)? Make sure that you have the standard national Hebrew keyboard selected as an input device. The shin dot is with ')'. [[Standard Hebrew keyboard is alef='t', bet='c', ... shin='a', tau=','.]]

If in a Mac, after activating 'international, Hebrew'
then 'shift a'. Other niqqud with option key+numbers.

Mark Tapley said...

Randall, is a Hebrew keyboard a requirement for systems running XP or the characters can be written using an English keyboard?

Jim Aitken said...

Thanks, Pete. Good to see the material out at last. More to come...

I should add that in the 'garzen' article the transliteration has not always come out correctly. I shall have that fixed soon.