Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Hixson on Lessons from P137 or “First-Century Mark”


Over at the Text & Canon Institute, Elijah purple-is-my-favorite-color Hixson has a new article on lessons from the “First-Century Mark” (aka P137) saga. Readers will probably remember that Hixson was the first to publicly connect the dots on this right here on this blog in what is now our second most read post ever.


  1. I totally get why this saga is called 'First-Century Mark,' but in a way the title is unfortunate as the focus is quickly narrowed to one fragment, P137. The greater scandal includes the other 119 items stolen from the EES, including P129 and P131.

    When all the investigations are complete, 'First-Century Mark' will probably be one chapter in a much larger book.

  2. Interesting milestone...I just noticed the INTF has cataloged minuscule 3000

    1. Appears we're already over 3000; have checked and the INTF Liste goes to 3011.

    2. They must be really busy as just days ago when I checked 2999 was the last one

  3. For those keeping score on the PA (John 11:53-8:11), GA3000 includes it, while GA3001 omits it (as expected given it's a Theophylact commentary).