Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Melchior Sessa’s 1538 Greek New Testament online


It was once extremely rare; in 1941, Hatch knew of only 7 copies in the world.

I found one online yesterday at Google Books. Maybe this is old news to you, but it's new to me, and I was excited to find it.

According to Grantley McDonald, “The Basel printer Johannes Bebelius produced three editions (1524, 1531, 1535), based largely on Erasmus’ third edition … Bebelius’ third edition formed the basis of Johannes Valderus’ edition (Basel, 1536), which in turn served as parent for that of Melchior Sessa (Venice, 1538).” (Biblical Criticism in Early Modern Europe, pp. 56–57)

It’s also fun that this edition of the Greek NT has a cat on the title page. That should make some people happy.


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  1. Thanks, Elijah!

    And I placed a little reference post about this edition, plus the heavenly witnesses, Grantley expanded, a chart of the 1500s editions and more.

    1538 Greek NT - Melchior Sessa and Nicolinis de Sabio

    Steven Avery
    Dutchess County, NY USA