Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Brief Update on the UBS6 from Florian Voss

Over on Twitter, Florian Voss gives a short update on updates being made for the UBS6.

Readers may remember that last year at SBL Holger Strutwolf gave 2022 as a possible date for the NA29 with the UBS6 following after that.


  1. Did they ever get the Syriac version(s)' testimony sorted out via Peter Williams' observations?

  2. Who gets to decide what is important to translation? I would think it had been obvious half a century ago that any reading found in the majority of the Bibles in the world was of importance to translation.

  3. Maybe it's just me, but it seems too soon for a new edition of UBS. (Especially if it's just a very slight revision of the Greek text, alongside some apparatus and layout improvements.)

    Why not just update the UBS5 with the new apparatus improvements and layout modifications? Or better yet, publish a more exhaustive critical apparatus in a single large volume (or several smaller volumes) without the accompanying text.

    An exhaustive critical apparatus is far more needed in this field than another new (slightly different) edition of the Greek NT. Or am I the only one who has spent far too much time digging through volume after volume trying to scrape together an apparatus on so many of our more obscure variant units?