Monday, April 01, 2019

Database of Objectively Dated Greek MSS: The CDDGB

A few days ago, Grant Edwards, PhD student at ITSEE in Birmingham and affiliated to Baylor University announced a new resource he has been compiling for some time, "The Collaborative Database of Dateable Greek Bookhands" (image below). This will be a collaborate and growing resource as users are able to sign up and submit new dateable manuscripts as well as suggesting revision to existing entries.

Here is Edwards announcement (via Papy-L) with links to the database and further description:
Dear Colleagues, 
I am pleased to announce a new online resource: The Collaborative Database of Dateable Greek Bookhands. The CDDGB is a catalogue of objectively dated Greek manuscripts written in a literary script between 0-899 CE. In time, manuscripts from earlier centuries will be included as well. 
The database and a complete description of the project can be found here: 
To access the database directly click below:
I hope this resource proves useful to those tasked with assigning dates to Greek manuscripts and to anyone interested in Greek handwriting.
If you have questions or comments please email me directly at
Best regards,
Grant Edwards | PhD student 
Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing
University of Birmingham


  1. This site is amazing!! The only thing that is not too clear is the classification of scripts. It becomes apparent as one scrolls through the image description that Turner's groups were used(formal round, informal round, formal mixed, informal mixed, etc). But Ogival Magiscule and sloping Ogival Magiscule are in the Italian tradition, correct? Why not use their classification for the Roman Imperial age scripts (Turner's Informal Round = Alexandrian Stylistic Class? I understand that there is room for movement within these scripts. Anyway, not complaining by any means, this website is fantastic, many thanks to those who have been working on this! Databases like this one are invaluable tools!

  2. Grant's been working on this a long, long time. And he's the right guy to do it. Congrats, Grant!