Thursday, December 27, 2018

Top Ten Posts of 2018

This year, the ETC blog has been humming, publishing more posts than in any single year since 2010. We even had legit posts on Old Testament textual criticism thanks to John! We want to say thanks to all who read, comment, email, and follow on social media. At the end of the year I like to look back and see what was most read.

Far and away, the top spot belonged to our new contributor, Elijah economical-with-the-truth Hixson, announcing the publication of the not-first-century-but-still-the-earliest fragment of Mark. Beyond this reMarkable fragment, it seems that translation news remains a topic of interest as does apologetics. Here is the full top ten list.
  1. “First-Century Mark,” Published at Last? [Updated]
  2. NASB Now Being Revised
  3. Dan Wallace responds on (formerly) ‘First-century Mark’
  4. Plan to Review and Revise the New Revised Standard Version
  5. New Film: ‘Fragments of Truth’
  6. Review of ‘Fragments of Truth’
  7. Update on P137 (P.Oxy. 83.5345)
  8. Gary Habermas on First-Century Mark
  9. Evaluating Ehrman’s Comparative Argument for Textual Unreliability
  10. Alan Taylor Farnes on Scribal Habits in Copies with Extant Exemplars
See you in 2019!

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  1. "See you in 2019!"

    Still a few day for more great 2018 content! =)