Monday, December 12, 2016

ETC Blog on the ‘Naked Bible Podcast’

One of the fun things I did while at SBL was sit down with Michael Heiser for an interview on his “Naked Bible podcast.” We talked about what makes the ETC blog Evangelical, about CSNTM, the CBGM, and whether the KJV is the best Bible ever.

It was good fun and I managed to make only one outrageously inaccurate statement. Thankfully I caught it before too long. You all can tell me if there are others. Also, don’t miss his interview with Thomas Hudgins on his recently finished PhD thesis on the Complutensian Polyglot (more here).

Listen Here


  1. You did a great job in the interview Peter. It can be very difficult to explain to laymen what the heck textual criticism is, what it is textual critics actually "do" (looking at dusty old books), and why it even matters.