Saturday, February 27, 2016

2016 Summer TWU LXX Summer Course


Course Description

Septuagint Studies is a burgeoning field of research that has seen the recent publication of modern language translations, lexica, monographs and series on a wide range of topics. Two major projects that are currently underway are the Society of Biblical Literature Commentary on the Septuagint (SBLCS) and the Greek Psalter Project (GSP) sponsored by the Scholars Initiative, which is the research arm of the Museum of the Bible (Washington, DC). The textual focus of this course will be on the Septuagint Psalter, and the lecturer will be Dr. Cameron Boyd-Taylor, who serves both as the co-editor of the SBLCS series and as a supervisor for the GSP. Students will study the translation technique, language and ideology of the text with a view to understanding the larger methodological and interpretive issues, and they will be introduced to the foundational principles and methodology of the above-mentioned research initiatives.

For more information, click on the image above or email acts +at+  Attendance via online streaming is possible.

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