Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thinking of doing a PhD in Germany?


The following came in an email from (emails which I now have to read avidly), and looks very useful. Peter Head.

Germany has over 140 doctorate awarding higher education institutions, many of which don’t charge tuition fees, and numerous prestigious and well-equipped research organisations.

To help you explore the opportunities in Germany, is holding a FREE 60-minute live video event via a Google+ Hangout on Air called ‘PhD Options: Doing a PhD in Germany’.


Event Details

Wednesday 25th November 2015
60 minutes
Online at the’s G+ Events Page

By attending this hangout you will learn:

What routes there are to doing a doctorate in Germany

How to find PhD opportunities and choose a supervisor

How to get access to a fully funded PhD

How to compose a good application

What the reality is like for PhD researchers in Germany including living costs, relocating tips and support networks

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  1. It is not always this bad, but read this as well: