Saturday, November 01, 2014

Sahidic OT Project at Göttingen!!!

Sahidic Job, Naples,
National Library, Ms.I.B.18
Scholars have long had access to editions of the Coptic New Testament texts.  In addition to more recent editions of various NT texts, one could always check the extensive editions of George Horner for the Bohairic and Sahidic NT.  The Old Testament, however, has been a more desperate situation, especially in the case of the Sahidic.  The Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities has confirmed the funding a complete digital edition and translation of the Sahidic Coptic Old Testament (Digitale Gesamtedition und Übersetzung des koptisch-sahidischen Alten Testaments), here.  The project will run from 2015–2036 with an annual budget of €500,000.  Heike Behlmer (Göttingen) and Frank Feder (Berlin) will oversee the project.  Although this project will doubtlessly be a great support to the Septuaginta-Unternehmen, it will be housed in the Egyptology department at Göttingen, an international center for Coptic scholarship.  Sometime in 2015, we can anticipate hearing positive news about funding for a major Greek LXX Psalms project from Göttingen.


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  2. In a collection of glass negatives from a great-aunt of my father, I found one negative (amongst several family portraits) with the same image that is shown in this post. The photo was taken in the beginning of the last century. The great-aunt of my father lived in Merelbeke near Gent in the province of East-Flanders in Belgium. Most of the photos were taken short before and after the first World War. How she came in touch with this image remains a mystery to me.