Monday, October 06, 2014

Keith Elliott Festschrift

Texts and Traditions: Essays in Honour of J Keith Elliott (ed. J. Kloha & P. Doble; NTTSD 47; Leiden: Brill, 2014), methodology of New Testament textual criticism, the critical evaluation of readings, and the history and texts of early Christianity is the focus of the influential work of J. K. Elliott. Readings in Early Christianity: Texts and Traditions offers eighteen essays in his honour. The essays, by colleagues and students from his long career, reflect Elliott's wide interest and impact. From questions of the purpose and practice of textual criticism, to detailed assessment of New Testament literature and the readings of its manuscripts, to provocative studies of the reception of Jesus and the New Testament in the second century, this volume will be of value to those studying the New Testament and Early Christianity.

Table of contents

  • Michael W. Holmes, When Criteria Conflict
  • D. C. Parker, Variants and Variance
  • Eldon Jay Epp, In the Beginning Was the New Testament Text, But Which Text? A Consideration of ‘Ausgangstext’ and ‘Initial Text’*
  • Jenny Read-Heimerdinger, Eclecticism and the Book of Acts
  • James A. Kelhoffer, Hapless Disciples and Exemplary Minor Characters in the Gospel of Mark: The Exhortation to Cross-bearing as both Encouragement and Warning
  • James W. Voelz, The Characteristics of the Greek of St. Mark’s Gospel
  • Tjitze Baarda, The Syro-Sinaitic Palimpsest and Ephraem Syrus in Luke 2:36-38 and 1:6
  • Peter Doble, Codex Bezae and Luke 3:22: A Contribution to Discussion
  • Jeffrey Kloha, Elizabeth’s Magnificat (Luke 1:46)
  • H. A. G. Houghton, A Flock of Synonyms? John 21:15-17 in Greek and Latin Tradition
  • L. W. Hurtado, Textual Ambiguity and Textual Variants in Acts of the Apostles
  • Holger Strutwolf, Urtext oder frühe Korruption? Einige Beispiele aus der Apostelgeschichte
  • J. Lionel North, 1 Corinthians 8:6: From Confession to Paul to Creed to Paul
  • Peter M. Head, Tychicus and the Colossian Christians: A Reconsideration of the Text of Colossians 4:8
  • David R. Cartlidge, How to Draw an Immaculate Conception: Protevangelium of James 11-12 in Early Christian Art
  • Paul Foster, The Education of Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas
  • Denise Rouger et Christian-B. Amphoux, Le projet littéraire d’Ignace d’Antioche dans sa Lettre aux Ephésiens
  • William J. Elliott, How to Change a Continuous Text Manuscript into a Lectionary Text
  • Bibliography J. K. Elliott

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