Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Some interesting articles

Some interesting article in the recent journals:

Ilaria Ramelli, 'The Emmaus Disciples and the Kerygma of the Resurrection (Lk 24,34):A Greek Variant and the Old Syriac, Coptic, and Latin Traditions' ZNW 105(2014), 1-19.

Stephen C. Carlson, '“For Sinai is a Mountain in Arabia”A Note on the Text of Galatians 4,25' ZNW 105 (2014), 80-101. [marginal note; cf. earlier here]

Ralph Lee, 'The EthiopicAndəmtaCommentary on Ethiopic Enoch 2 (1 Enoch 6–9)' JSP 23 (2014), 179-200. This is interesting not only because Ralph is a friend of mine, but also because having recently taught a course on Jude, 1 Enoch is on my mind; and because the commentary tradition includes textual commentary (as well as exegetical comments).

Shifra Sznol, ' Traces of the Targum Sources in Greek Bible Translations in the Hebrew Alphabet' JSP 23 (2014), 239-256. A fascinating discussion of, among other things, the Constantinople Pentateuch (1547): an edition of the Greek Pentateuch in Hebrew characters. Gets the brain cells going.

Brice C. Jones, 'A Coptic Fragment of the Gospel of John with Hermeneiai (P.CtYBR inv. 4641)' NTS 60 (2014), 202-214. (via Brice's website)

Wally V. Cirafesi, 'The Bilingual Character and Liturgical Function of “Hermeneia” in Johannine Papyrus Manuscripts'  Nov Test. 56 (2014), 45-67.

J.K. Elliott, 'A Short Textual Commentary on the Book of Revelation and the “New” Nestle' Nov. Test. 56 (2014), 68-100. Just when you thought thoroughgoing eclecticism was dead ...

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