Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Papyrology summer school

The Centro di Studi Papirologici of Università del Salento, Lecce, is organizing the Seventh Edition of the Scuola Estiva di Papirologia that will take place from July 14th to July 19th 2014.
The School is open to graduates, last-year undergraduates and PHD students in Classical Studies and those people who are concerned with the deepening of the main topics of Papyrology, such as the archaeological search of papyri; the contribution of the papyri to the history of Greek and Latin Literature; the history of Greek and Latin writings; the reconstruction of ways and forms of books’ production and circulation in the ancient Mediterranean area; the study of Pharaonic and Graeco-Roman Egypt; the Herculanean Papyri; Papyri and digital Technology. Moreover, transcription’s exercises of Greek and Latin documentary and literary papyri are expected. The lectures will be given in Italian.
Only a limited number of participants will be admitted to the courses. Anyone interested in the School should send the application, a curriculum vitae and a teacher’s reference to the Centro di Studi Papirologici by mail or e-mail. The deadline for the final application will be April 30th 2014.
For further information please contact:
Prof. Mario Capasso
Centro di Studi Papirologici
Università del Salento, Lecce
Via V.M. Stampacchia, 45, Palazzo Parlangeli
I-73100   Lecce (Italy)
Tel:  0039-0832-294606

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