Thursday, November 07, 2013

British Library post Images of Early Christian texts on papyrus

The British Library has posted some nice images recently (announced here).

Egerton Papyrus 2 (P. Lond. Christ. 1/P. Egerton 2, the Egerton Gospel)
Papyrus 1531 (P. Oxy. IV 654, fragment of the Gospel of Thomas)

Papyrus 2052 (P. Oxy. VIII 1073, fragment of the Old Latin Genesis)

The other day after a lecture one of the students gave me a gift: 

So it is interesting to note that both Roberts' edition of P. Ryl. Gk. 457 (P52) and Dodd's very full study of P. Egerton 2 (published the year before in 1935) were
published in the same issue of BJRL. This is a kind of picture of the fact that the increasing amount of canonical NT material on papyrus has been matched by an increasing amount of non-canonical material preserved in the same sources. 
It is also interesting that despite the ticks on the front cover the articles have never been read here (the pages are still uncut).

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  1. Jeffrey E. Miller11/12/2013 11:25 pm

    Great to see these images. I just completed an article for Lexham Bible Dictionary this summer on Egerton Papyrus 2. May the online images generate more interest in this enigmatic text!