Monday, February 18, 2013

Online lecture New Testament Textual Criticism

With some trepidation (and aware of some of the inaccuracies) I give you the promised link to the talk I gave for the Faraday Institute two weeks ago (this should lead you to the Cambridge University Media website). It was great to see Dan Batovici and Peter Head there (as well as many other friends). And yes, I use the term 'original text'. Most people understand this term better than some of the more recent proposals (intelligibility over technical precision).


  1. Well done, Dirk. In my own articles and reviews I always use the terminology "original/initial" text to signal my sensitivity to the current discussion, but also my confidence in recovering the text the NT authors originally wrote. Peter Rodgers

  2. Yes nice work. Would you agree that folks who INTENTIONALLY alter God's Word, will (future tense) face His wrath? It would seem that some in your audience did not.

    Gary Dykes