Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cambridge Online Journals: Free Access to 2012 Content

I am not sure how much textcritical or linguistic stuff there is of interest to this blog, but you can get free access till early March here.

You may want to branch out into fields such as the "Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy" or the "Journal of Smoking Cessation" or stay within the more familiar field of Classical Studies (see the Subject index).

Don't be too disheartened when there are some glitches in registration. This is comment posted this morning:

"Hello to all those receiving the Error Encountered message – this message is shown due to the very high levels of traffic to the form at the moment you are trying to register. I’m sorry for the problems this is causing. However, it can be rectified simply by retrying the registration process. For detailed instructions of how to do so, please see here: http://blog.journals.cambridge.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/CJO-Offer-Registration-Instructions.pdf . Many thanks to you all for your patience and interest, Eleanor."

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