Friday, July 16, 2010

"Crucifixion-scholar" Gunnar Samuelsson Launches Website

I have recently reported several times on Gunnar Samuelsson's dissertation "Crucifixion in Antiquity," which has attracted much attention worldwide, not least in the media. Some weeks ago the author pointed me to his new web-site which he now makes public, where there is already a lot of material about the author and his work, e.g., a Questions and Answers section and a huge list of links to media coverage. I assume that Samuelsson will also put links to reviews (and responses) there in due course.

Read also Darell Bock's assessment after reading the book. Apparently, Bock has recently been in the excellent Tyndale House library which probably swiftly acquired a copy (they recently ordered my commentary on Hebrews written in Swedish).

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