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Papyrological Institute at the University of Michigan

Papyrological Institute at the University of Michigan (from Papy-List; more info: here)
1 July- 31 July 2009
In July 2009, the Department of Classical Studies and the Graduate Library at the University of Michigan will host a Papyrological Institute for advanced graduate students and junior faculty in Ancient History, Classics, Egyptology, Byzantine Studies and related disciplines. The 2009 Papyrological Institute will focus on late antique documentary papyri. In keeping with the goals of previous years, the Institute aims to provide participating scholars with direct experience of the papyri through close reading of individual texts, and with knowledge of the field of papyrology in general, so that they may employ this knowledge effectively in conducting their own future teaching and research. The Institute at Ann Arbor will be the latest in the series of institutes that have been held at Yale (2003), UC Berkeley (2004), Cincinnati (2005), Columbia (2006), and Stanford (2008) under the sponsorship of the American Society of Papyrologists.

The institute will include a combination of lectures and advanced coursework with first-hand experience working with ancient sources. Students are expected to participate actively in all of the institute’s programs and activities; a full-time commitment is required while the Institute is in session. In general, mornings will be dedicated to introductory lectures by the principal instructors, Professor James G. Keenan, Director, Loyola University of Chicago, and by Professors Traianos Gagos, Arthur Verhoogt and Terry G. Wilfong, and Ms. Leyla Lau-Lamb (conservation) of the University of Michigan. Afternoons will be devoted to advanced coursework, to workshops on individual papyri, instruction in elementary Coptic, and papyrological conservation. A selection of unpublished material will be provided for participants to work with. At the end of the week, Fridays will be devoted to pro-seminars and to lectures on special topics concerned with the historical documentation for late antique Egypt.

Admission to the summer Papyrological Institute is by application only; approximately twelve scholars will be selected to participate. Any qualified academic may participate; no previous experience with papyrology is required. For work with Greek and Coptic papyri, a high degree of competence in Ancient Greek and/or Coptic is essential. Instruction in elementary Coptic will be provided as part of the course. Participation in the institute is free of charge. Applicants are expected to seek financial support from their home institutions to facilitate their participation, but grants may be available for candidates who lack other means of support. Participants who complete the Institute will receive a certificate from the American Society of Papyrologists, but no credit will be given for the course and no grades or transcripts will be issued.

Application Procedure: The application consists of the completed application form along with current curriculum vitae and two letters of recommendation. All materials must be received by 15 February 2009 in order to be considered for admission. Notification of decisions will be issued in March. For further information about the Summer Institute, please contact Professor Traianos Gagos (traianos at umich.edu).

Send application materials to:
Professor Traianos Gagos
Department of Classical Studies
University of Michigan
2160 Angell Hall
Ann Arbor, MI

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