Sunday, September 14, 2008

Örebro Theological Seminary 100th Anniversary

One hundred years ago, on this day September 14, Örebro Theological Seminary, my seminary, was founded. The first five years, the seminary was located in the Filadelfia Church in Örebro, where the seminary's founding father, John Ongman, was pastor. A new school building was built in 1913. Seventy years later, a second building was inaugurated, which is the one in use today.

Today, Örebro Theological Seminary offers several educational programs with around 200 full-time and 160 part time students from a wide variety of denominations. The theological seminary is the largest program with some 300 students enrolled. It is a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Theology, but a number of students are also admitted for one or two years of study. Other programs include Religious Studies for teachers (at different levels in public schools), courses in Missions, and a bible college program.

Over this weekend we have celebrated the 100th anniversary on campus and in the Filadelfia Church. Here, some of the teachers and former principals are interviewed. The first man on the left is the current principal, Dr. Pekka Mellergård.

I have had so many impressions during this weekend and so many special moments. In the service today in the Filadelfia Church, one old student (ninety-four years) told us about his encounters with the founding father Ongman. History came alive. This made me think about Papias who told about his encounters with the first followers of Jesus.

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