Thursday, December 07, 2006

Heide's 5th edition

The 5th edition of Martin Heide's Der einzig wahre Bibeltext? Erasmus von Rotterdam und die Frage nach dem Urtext (VTR: Hamburg, 2006) has appeared. Martin is probably the most linguistically competent of our bloggers. In this book he treats the origin of the textus receptus and writes extensively on a whole range of textual issues.

Further details are available here.


Jim said...

That's excellent! Thanks very much for mentioning it.

D Jongkind said...

Martin, are you considering turning your work in an annual so that it can be used as a stocking filler?
2004, 3rd edition, 227 pages
2005, 4th edition, 294 pages
2006, 5th edition, 347 pages
At this rate the year 2019 will see the 18th edition, counting a 1000 pages!

Martin said...

Not really ... I plan to pause now for some years.
But with all you guys writing a lot of thought-provoking stuff every year, it's hard to keep up!