Friday, June 09, 2006

News from Wieland Willker

Wieland Willker has been busy informing us of many things today: a new standard edition of the Septuagint (more information from Jan Krans here), a really cheap leather edition of Westcott and Hort's NT, new images of P1 (Matthew 1) of an outstanding quality, and the publication of Exodus fragments that were connected with the Gospel of Judas.


Daniel Buck said...

My profuse thanks, Peter.
I've had a lot of trouble navigating Wieland's yahoogroup lately and following your links was the quickest way to do it--at least for those pages!

J. B. Hood said...

What is the reason for the alpha(?) at the top of P1? Is it original? (Script looks the same to my eye, but I'm not trained in this.)

Tommy Wasserman said...

The leather is actually "imitation leather" according to Hendrickson's webpage:

P J Williams said...

The alpha tells us that it's p. 1.